Thursday , January 17 2019
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White fur shag rug gives a luxurious look in the room

The Rug is a kind of a carpet and shag contains a thick fabric. We can be installed it in a room, hallway area, living room or beside the sofa and dining table. It is used for cold tiles as well as hardwood flooring to make comfort. It can be in many sizes as well as shapes. Choose the size and shape according to space. Shag rugs are well known for its quality and softness. It gives a cozy touch in every room.

The most important thing that makes shag rugs different from other carpets is its long yarn fibers that attached to the back of the carpet. It gives the soft touch, which is very good for kids who prefer to spread of in front of the TV or play on the floor.  There is a huge variety of hue and colors schemes available for the shag rug in the market. It looks hilarious in white color contrast. White color looks very simple and elegant to match with every color, print, and texture.

Here we are presenting some tips to clean and care for white shag rug:

  • Loosening dirt- It is the easiest method to clean it. Take rug outside and hung it on a railing in sunlight. Dry shampooing gives freshness.
  • Vacuuming– If you have pets and your children play on it. It is necessary to vacuum it daily. Don’t use powerful heat on it. It can damage the shag rug.