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What type of bathroom window curtain designs looks good?

There are so many different types of bathroom curtains available in the market which makes it difficult and confusing to select the best one for your bathroom. A bathroom curtain should also match with the décor of the bathroom. It should be selected considering different elements in the bathroom like wall color, toilet, wash basin, shower curtain rods, tiles, etc.

Many people try to match the color of the wall with the color of the curtain. But this should not be done. The bathroom curtain should be bought in accordance to the bathroom theme. It will make the environment in the bathroom bold, refreshing and aesthetic.

The usage of the shower curtain is also an important decision maker when shopping for it. Decide in advance if you want the curtain for display or for functional use. Accordingly select the design, texture and color of the bathroom curtain.

Different Fabrics available for bathroom curtain

  • Cloth shower curtain: These are normally more expensive and available in different materials like cotton polyester or combinations. They are available in wide variety of designs and are washable.
  • Plastic shower curtain: They are made from PVC or vinyl. They are more durable and less expensive. They are easy to clean
  • Hook less shower curtain: Hook less Shower curtain are a variations that does not needs hanging to the rods. They are very easy to install and are more popular among people. They have holes that can pass through the rods