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What is the purpose of cat shelves and how to build them?

Cats love to climb up bookcases, kitchen shelves and other higher place from where they can see all the activities happening in the home. Cats feel more confident and secure when they are at some higher place and can examine their surroundings. Some cats hide when any guests or stranger comes to housing. For this purpose Cat Shelves are introduced and it is the modern invention in cat furniture.

Cat shelves are the best place for the cats to hide when they feel insecure and want to hide from the world. There come a large number of the cat shelves with different styles that suits your wall space.

You can also build Cat Shelves yourself by keeping few things in mind. First of all always choose the best place from where your cat can easily catch the whole view. Consider your wall colour so that the shelves would suit the wall. Make sure the shelves you are building are safe and solid. You can make the shelves from the old furniture, wood if it’s useless. Make the shelves wide and solid so that cat can easily sleep and play on them. Cover the shelves with wool carpet strips or pillow case. When attaching them to the wall, make sure they are strongly anchored with wall. Keep the distance less between the shelves for the cat to easily jump from one shelve to another. At the end enjoy your cat playing on them.

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