Thursday , December 13 2018
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Use a ceiling fan with light for bedroom for energy-efficient cooling

A mechanical fan that runs on electricity suspended from the ceiling using rotating paddles to circulate air is called a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans help to save energy by maintaining a consistent temperature in the room and also prevents the AC from working hard all the time. If you use a ceiling fan with windows of your room open, fresh air is circulated while this is not the case with an AC that circulates “canned” air. There is a 40% saving on your electricity bill too.

In the long run ceiling fans are very practical as well as energy efficient, but without reason they are supposed to have a reputation of being crude and unsophisticated. The size of the room determines the size of the fan as fans come in a variety of sizes. A 36” fan is suitable for a small room while a 52” will suit a large room. The blades of the fan should be rotated anti-clock wise in summer to cool the room and in a clock-wise direction in winters to push the warm air down.

There is a wide range of ceiling fans to choose from; in fact you can find designer ceiling fans to suit your room. Fans come in a variety of colors and designs from the basic three blade fan to the ones which have a metal design on the blade to give an elegant look. The four blade fans have under lights attached to the center of the fan and pull-chain controls for the operation of the fan and light. Thus ceiling fans besides providing energy-efficient cooling can also replace an AC.