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Tips on getting the best bathroom vanity lights

Tips on getting the best bathroom vanity lights

Lighting your bathroom is just as important as lighting the rest of your home. To create the best impressions everyday it is crusial for you to leave the home properly groomed, and to achieve this, you will need the right amounts of light for you to be able to see clearly how you are grooming yourself. A few tips are shared here on how to choose the best vanity lights for your bathroom, to add style as well as functionality to your bathroom.

Vanity Mirror Lighting

This is the place where most people get it wrong. For a start, the bathroom vanity lights for your mirror should never be placed over the mirror. This will cast shadows on your face and achieve in the right make up application will be difficult. Instead, have the lights hang from the sides of the mirror.

Choose The Best Bulb

Having the right bulb, of the right wattage is also part of the factors to consider when choosing bathroom vanity lights, It is advisable to go for halogen lights, which are a bit expensive but last for a longer time and illuminate you skin more accurately. For regular bulbs go for wattage that is not less than 75.

Layer Your Bathroom Lighting

Having bathroom vanity lights can truly add style and functionality to your bathroom, but also adding a bit of layering can help you change from one atmosphere to another. Think of dimmers which can be used to switch from the morning tasks to much relaxed tasks in the evening.

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