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Things to know about laundry room cabinets with hanging rod

A laundry room is such that it can also be known as a utility room. It is a room where the clothes are to be washed. In a home that is considered to be modern, a room for laundry would surely be equipped with a washing machine that is automatic and also a drying machine along with that; also a large sized basin as well that is known as a laundry lab and is used to wash the clothes that are delicate and need to be washed with hands like sweaters, etc.

There s often times a board for ironing the clothes as well seen in the laundry room. Typically a room for laundry is supposed to be located in the house basement in the houses of older design; however, in the newer and modern designs of houses, the room for laundry is on the ground floor at any of the suitable locations may be near the kitchen or somewhere else.

Another location of the room of laundry can be near to the garage for serving as a mud room in the garage at the entrance; however it is not always the case. If the laundry room is near the garage then the need for stairs to be in between the house and its garage is supposed to be prevented.

There can also be a number of cabinets for storing different items in the room for laundry so that the clothes can be placed there after being washed and folded.