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Antique brass swing arm table lamp – a stylish & elegant accessory for your home

One of the most essential accessories for any room in a house is a table lamp. A table lamp should be used to accentuate the style and ambience of a room though its importance as task lighting should not be overlooked. So purchasing a table lamp is an integral part of your room’s style of design. The color, tone and size or the room is a great determiner in choosing the right table lamp.

One needs to consider various points while selecting a suitable table lamp for your home. The lamp should go perfectly with the décor and furnishing of the room and at the same time reflect your distinctive style and personality. The size of the lamp will depend on the purpose for what it is bought, like whether it is for reading purpose or as a night stand or for a working desk.

All these points will determine the amount of bulb wattage or the size and type of shade. There is a large collection of lamps to choose from but you should look for a lamp that has the right balance and symmetry. You can even get a lamp base and shade customized according to your specifications.

The place where you plan to place the lamp should determine the size of the lamp. Select a slim lamp for a delicate side table. Taller lamps look good on lower tables while short lamps look perfect on a high table. It will be quite dangerous if you keep a heavy lamp on a small or narrow table as it might topple over.