Thursday , December 13 2018
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Some garden simple landscape ideas for front of house for your house

When you live in a house with a garden, landscaping becomes an important part of your everyday life. The first thing everyone sees in your house is its exterior. At the same time, when there’s good weather outside, you’d like to make your outdoor time pleasurable for you too.

Depending on the size of your garden as well as the style of your house different landscape ideas can be useful for you. We will address few of them that can make your search for ideas and your job easy.

  • For large gardens – an alley with fast growing trees, like Bradford would make a beautiful entrance to your home; fruit trees or widely growing trees with shade and lavender under planting will give you a spectacular view and nice place to rest with the look of wine country; a path decorated with bushes, clipped boxwoods evergreens, hickories or birches as well as with small statues will give the garden spectacular and luxurious ambience;
  • For medium sized gardens – planting with geometric shapes and making a symmetry with different flower in each size will develop an original and beautiful garden; you can also make a small structure that will let the specific plants (like ivy) to grow on it and make shade, while around this structure you can plant bushes, flowers and make your stay in the garden pleasurable and romantic;
  • For smaller gardens – when you have little size to express your landscape ideas you have to be a little more creative, small bushy flowers that overflow complementing the color of your house could give very nice ambience, you can put flower pots on the windows as well; an alley can be made in small garden as well, letting different plants grow on your garden entrance and let it flow to the home entrance as well.