Thursday , December 13 2018
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Save space with murphy bed with desk and storage couch

If you are struggling with limited space in your house and looking for options where you can use the space for different purpose during the day and can use it as a bed during night. The solution for people like you is Murphy Bed which is placed in the wall when not in use and helps in adding more space in the room. It is the best way to increase room size and to use it in a different manner. It is available in various sizes , designs and colors. It can be used to make an area look bright and attractive combined with the interiors of the room.

You can use the back side of the bed as a computer desk or bookshelf which gets folded when you open it automatically due to unique feature. It can be a great option for kids room and an attraction for them to sleep in their bedrooms during night. It can be designed according to available space area. It is easy to open and fold and can be done single handed without any extra support. You can hang a beautiful picture at the back of the bed so that after opening it should look beautiful and attractive.

You can get  Murphy Bed customized according to your requirement from an experienced carpenter. Check internet to get an idea bout different styles and designs available. You can buy it ready made too which need to be fixed on a particular can cover your mess area also if put it on right way and right side.