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best platform beds with storage – a style icon in your bedroom

A Platform Bed is a bed made in a way that there is a rectangular solid frame with flexible horizontal wooden slats to rest the mattress on. The bed is at a raised level and the latticed structure provides support and ventilation for the mattress without the use of a box spring. It is also often called a cabin bed.

In the present times materials used for making platform beds are wood, metal, leather or MDF. It may or may not have a headboard and footboard. These beds are usually assembled with screws and nails but the high end ones use mortise and tendon as they tend to be quite sturdy as nails and screws are prone to become loose over time.

Platform beds are made in the European contemporary style which has low features with clean bold lines. Microfiber and leather padding is used for the headboard to be used as a comfortable backrest.  Some platform beds can support a mattress without a box spring while in others a box spring can be accommodated.

Sometimes due to shortage of space drawers are incorporated under the side rails or footboard underneath the frame of the platform bed. At times retractable storage headboard units are used for deep storage purposes. One main advantage of a platform bed is easy access under the bed for cleaning purposes. To conclude it can be stated that a platform bed in your bedroom looks quite prominent with its well tailored sides and it can be the ultimate if storage space is provided alongside.