Thursday , December 13 2018
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Mirrored bedroom furniture sets in home design trends

The mirror is definitely one thing we stare at, everyday in the morning for a while before leaving home for work or college or whatever! We love looking at ourselves in the mirror. Don’t we? It is said that “Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror”.

In modern home design trends, mirrored furniture is very common and marks a style of its own that reflects luxury and class. In the past, they were being frequently used in palaces for embellishing them in furniture and interior designing. The Hall of mirrors at The Royal palace of Versailles is a notable example. By the 19th century, the authentic look of mirrored furniture became widespread and also mirrors became cheaper, that it began to be seen in bedside tables, cabinets and sideboards. In the recent past, mirrored furniture has become very common among us. It is bought and used by many.

Mirrors are used in modern home designs as mirrored bedside tables, hanging mirrors, door mirrors etc. Mirrored room screens are very famous nowadays in modern home design trends. Mirrored room screens look classy and modern at the same time and they transform the look of the room. Various kinds of mirrored tables have also established their position in the hot trends in home design. Mirrors have found their place in the good old shelf doors from time immemorial. The trend still continues to be! Mirrored furniture has been there in home design ideas and will stay there for a long time, for sure.