Thursday , December 13 2018
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Modern home decor ideas living rooms

Living rooms are the life of the house and that’s why a room should always be well decorated. Although it is a formal space, but it needs to be welcoming enough. The key for a perfect living rooms are the right decor for it. From having perfect sofa’s, right wall decor, to enough pictures on the wall, every element has its role to play. With a perfect decor idea, one can transform it into a room that feels personal and graceful. Let us have some tips to perfect up the living space.

  1. Mix patterns

You can always look for some mixing patters in the living room design . We can always mix and match different colors for a perfect wall paint. Some modern ideas include a check, stripe, etc.. Always try to stay in one scheme, but to switch up with the scale. Opt for large patterns to give a bold look. Wallpapers are a good alternative if you do not want to go with the paint.

  1. Make use of color

Some people like the use of intense colors as they give a very lively look to the whole room. Although it may be hard to live with some intense colors, but having a bit of their use in different places can sometimes end up giving a beautiful result.

  1. Experiment with Sofa

Adding a fabulous piece of furniture is the best way to decorate your room. It   provides  the much needed look to the whole space, helping a great deal with redesigning. So keep on experimenting till you get a perfect look for your room.