Thursday , December 13 2018
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Small living room decorating ideas on a budget and a lot more

There can be a great number of living room decorating ideas. First of all discussing about the floor; the modern ways of flooring are wooden or marble flooring along with rugs on some of the parts of the floor. The curtains are also supposed to be in accordance with the color and contrast of the floor and rugs. The curtains can either be normal curtains along with some effect of net and pelmet on the other side. There is also a trend of blinds instead of normal curtains. Mostly the curtains with net look beautiful when there is a nice view outside to be seen from the window.

About the furniture, there can be rectangular sofas that extend throughout the living room on both of the sides and there can be different colored cushions placed on them. The colors should be going with the theme of the living room. A number of decoration pieces are placed on different places of the side’s tables and the center table. Mostly people hang an LED or LCD screen in the living room so that they can watch TV together in a common place. If the map of the house is in American kitchen form, the kitchen is close to the lounge and there can be placed some fine beautiful seats near the counter of the kitchen. Beautiful sceneries can also be hung on the walls. One side of the main wall can be full of pictures framed beautifully. A lot of more living room decorating ideas can also be there.