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laundry room decorating ideas on a budget : maximize storage space

No matter your setup, try one of these ideas to maximize your space and storage in your laundry.  When you’re crunched for space, double up on uses for a room by putting the washer and dryer in a bathroom or garage or using the laundry room for tool storage or an office. The lowly laundry room has evolved. Our Laundry rooms ideas make doing laundry more enjoyable by adding beauty and functionality to your space – from laundry cabinets with built-in organization features two cabinets that create multi functional work spaces. What kind of room is a laundry room anyway? Some small apartments do not even have space for the machines – let alone an entire room designed for doing laundry. Transform an outdated laundry area into a vibrant, modern cleaning station with custom cabinetry, plenty of shelf space and wall racks.

Work with a designer to give your laundry room designs a finished look by creating a secured space that frames your washer and dryer in beautiful cabinetry. Another option is to install extra drawers offered by the appliance companies underneath the washer and dryer for added storage. Laundry rooms ideas are usually a home manager’s nightmare. They are those little chaotic and messy rooms that just keep getting jumbled and cluttered no matter how hard you try to organize them. Include shelves and cabinets to store supplies like clothespins, hangers, irons, sewing kits and detergent. To ensure that you deal with clothes right away, consider having a nice folding table to fold clothes at, a pull-out drying rack for hanging and an ironing board for crisply ironed clothes.