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How to choose perfect bathroom vanity cabinets with tops ?

Selecting right vanity is a vital part in the remodeling of bathroom as it can make or break the look of your bathroom. Bathroom vanity cabinets are available in an extensive range of styles and they help to add a striking look to your bathroom if they are well-build and well organized.

Bathroom vanity cabinets are quite lavish to buy, but not at all tough to build. First of all, set your budget that how much can you spend on your vanity? After setting your budgets, consider the overall look of your bathroom and your own taste. Locate the perfect place for vanity that won’t create any mess with the bathroom door or water flow. A double sink vanity provides more storage area as compared to single.

If you want to add a wooden vanity, you will first have to decide if you want to exactly match with the overall bathroom design or minor style departure. Various selections of wood are used for wood bathroom vanity cabinets. Special woods like oak, walnut and pine are used for bathroom vanities, but they are expensive as compared to ordinarily available wood vanities. For colour selection, make sure it will look elegant with the overall style of your bathroom.

Choose the size and numbers of drawers. Make sure drawers open quietly and slide smoothly. Take inventory and organize everything what you put in current storage. Avoid putting those things in vanity cabinets that can leave a stain behind.