Thursday , December 13 2018
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How can a small bookshelf with drawers act as a personalized library?

If you are a book worm then definitely you must be fascinated by bookshelves be it small or big. Somebody has rightly said books are a men best friend. So if you are in love with your books, you will take the best care of them

You like a wall-to-wall library or like to mix your TV or family photos along with your books. If by chance you don’t have much space to make a separate room for your books, you have multiple options available. You can go for small bookshelf. Take a corner of your room and arrange few small bookshelf. You can also put those book shelves in each corner too. This will definitely help you to be less messy and also give your room a neat and clean feel.

You can paint these shelves in white or any light colour and it will help to charm up your room. You can either go for wood or else steel according to your preference. Small bookshelf is a good option if you don’t stay in your own house, these are portable and easy to carry. Few people use these shelves for other various option too like they keep decorative things in display too. You can create your own reading space by keeping a couch nearby with a lamp too. If not couch a mat along with a low height lamp. This area can be made more attractive by adding a pot of flower or a plant. If you have a window side, what else you want.