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Home design ideas – outdoor patio string lighting ideas

Lighting is one of the easiest and economic ways to improve the looks of any outdoor space. Outdoor patio lighting along with a beautiful set of patio furniture is the winning ingredient to a heart warming home outdoor space. This will set the mood whether you want to entertain your friends or family, or you want to just have a great outdoor space to enjoy during the day and at night. This kind of a setup makes it easy to set the right mood for almost any kinds of occasions.

Patio lighting helps to define outdoor pathways, stairways etc during the night. They provide the perfect backdrop for a house party. Low intensity incandescent lamps are always the most preferred ones for outdoor lighting. They emit a decent amount of light that is required. A single bright lamp in an outdoor space can be disturbing to the eyes. Instead, a number of low intensity lamps spread out over the area will look good at night.

The most commonly used type of Patio lighting is the string lights. Strands of colourful lights can turn the garden into a magical retreat. They can be arranged in any manner in the garden, as it will look beautiful when the lights are finally switched on. Another popular way of doing the outdoor lighting is by hanging individual light bulbs from a tree in the garden. This will look appealing to any eyes. Jar lanterns and paper lanterns are also wonderful ideas to decorate the garden for the night.