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Here are some modern teenage bedroom ideas for small rooms :

Opportunities for Organization

A clean and tidy bedroom often seems impossible, but a stereotypical teenager’s bedroom usually looks like a bombsite. You can help to prevent this by encouraging efficient use of wardrobes, drawers and cupboards. A shoe rack can be installed at the bottom of a wardrobe, storage boxes full of old nick-knacks might be stored above it, and chests of drawers can hold more than just clothes.

Another issue commonly found is the overload of bins and accumulation of dirty pots. Some teenage bedroom ideas to counter this include purchasing a larger bin or possibly investing in a lid so that it can’t overflow.


Teenagers have their own individual style, and this extends to their territory. Some teenage bedroom ideas to help them realize what they want include fixing a mirror to the wall to help them prepare for a night out, using a bookshelf for clutter and books, and fitting a desk for easy use of electronic equipment.

Games and consoles are a big part of the modern world, and sorting out a stash of games without throwing them away is challenging, Consider using a DVD or CD rack to organize games when they’re not in use,

You might want to emphasis individuality by buying a gamer chair, similar to an office chair but fitted with a few accessories.

There are many teenage bedroom ideas that can help you out, however the key is organization, which doesn’t come easily.