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tempered glass shower shelves and other types of shelves

A shelf is actually a flat plane that is supposed to be horizontal and is used in houses, business places, store room or anywhere else for placing different items that are to be displayed, stored, and sold or whatever. There are different types of shelves that are made up of different stuff. For example, there can be glass shelves, shelves made up of cement, wooden shelves, etc.

The shelf is such that it is to be raised up off the ground and is mostly supported on the sides of the length that is shorter. Also, there is possibility for some of the shelves to be held up either by the columns or by the pillars.

Mostly the glass shelves are considered to be sensitive and light weight things are kept on them. Generally, there are placed decoration pieces on such types of shelves if they are in homes. They can be anywhere in the home; for example in kitchen, living room, drawing room, bed room etc. and can be used for the same purpose to place different things on them to be displayed. The shelf can also be called a counter as well as a rack.

There are certain types of tables that are specially designed so that they can be placed beside a wall and are mounted; they are called console table and they have a similarity with the shelves individually. A lot of people like to keep things on the shelves.