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Finding those perfect nursery curtains

Finding those perfect nursery curtains

So you’re expecting?! That is amazing! So many things to get ready for and decorating your nursery is just one of those. But with multiple details to keep in mind, you will need some help. Some tips for selecting the perfect nursery curtains will move your job along.

First things first – your baby’s room should look light and joyful, so the color is one of the top priorities. Select the color of the nursery curtains based on dominant shades you have in the room. The curtains can both match or contrast that dominant shade. You can also match or contrast the non-dominant, but outstanding color (for instance you have a centerpiece which is green while the room is creamed – your curtain can be green too). Curtain does not have to be one color, it can be striped or with small decorations, like squares or circles. Avoid

Next thing to keep in mind is material – it has to be natural. Kids tend to put everything in the mouth, curtains might be one of those things, so be safe and find a natural material, such as organic cotton and the paint must be safe as well if it has been painted. The top priority should always be your baby’s health.

Other relevant things can be shapes and length, the nursery curtains length must depend on the size of window, as well the size of the room, and smaller rooms need shorter curtains. You can also choose rectangular shaped curtains, as well as asymmetry can fit nicely.

Next time you go shopping, you know how to find the perfect nursery curtains.

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