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Contemporary large dining room table and chairs should be stylish and comfortable

Chairs used for seating at a dining table are known as dining room chairs. Chairs with arms are called armchairs and are placed at the head and foot of the table, while chairs without arms are called side chairs are placed along the length of a rectangular table. For a square or circular table all chairs should be either armchairs or side chairs.

Dining chairs can be fully or partly upholstered. A fully upholstered chair has padded fabric or leather on the back and the seat while a partially upholstered chair has fabric covering either the back or the seat.  A non-upholstered chair is made of wood, metal, cane or plastic with a detachable upholstered seat and back cushion. These chairs are more durable but less comfortable than its counterparts. Another point to consider is the arm height of dining chairs.

The height of the table should be at least 10-12inches more than the seat height of the chair. The height of the armchairs should be such that they comfortably slide under the table. Always select upholstery for dining chairs that are durable as well as stain resistant because they have to bear spills of food and drinks over the years.

Different styles of dining room chairs are available that include a parsons dining chair, a French style berg ere chair, a ladder-back, a Chippendale chair and Windsor chairs. Before buying dining room chairs you must make sure that they are comfortable because it at the dining table that a family sits together to eat and spend quality time together.