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Different types of faux leather dining chairs with chrome legs

Leather is one such material that has been used from a long time now and is still preferred by modern homeowners. Its elegance, appearance and enhanced durability are some of the reasons that make it a favorite of homeowners. If you are planning to replace your dining chairs or want something to match with your dining table, leather dining chairs can be an excellent option.

There are generally three different types of leather dining chairs available in the market-

Bonded Leather- Bonded leather chairs are made from the leftover pieces of leather and joined with the help of adhesive. It is then covered in vinyl to make it as good as a genuine leather dining chair. It is highly preferred by homeowners who want leather dining chairs but do not want to spend a lot of money on it.

Faux Leather- The main feature that makes faux leather one of the most famous type of leather chair is its ability to be dyed in any color. Right from light shades, like cream, lilac and brown to bold colors like orange or red. These chairs have low maintenance and are generally scratch, stain and fade resistant.

Real Leather- If you want to make a statement with your dining chair, no other material can do it as good as real leather. Their built ads elegance to an entire room and makes it look classy and stylish. Peeling, cracking or tearing is not something that you’ll ever find in leather dining chairs and they are highly durable as well. But this beauty also comes with an equally high cost.

Choose what suits your needs and budget to make sure that your dining table looks as impressive as the rest of your house.