Thursday , December 13 2018
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Creative king size headboard and frame ideas

You can create a fantastic backdrop for your bed by using these creative king headboard ideas.

Trash to treasure

You can add tons of unique style and charm to your king headboard by creating headboard from salvaged materials. You can use an old door and pair it with a vintage gate and brighten up with a white spray paint. This results in creating a unique whimsical king headboard.

Industrial Chic

Metal roofing imparts quite a stylish look. You can create a glamorous headboard by cutting out ornate shapes from a corrugated tin. This would bring out its wavy texture with a subtle sheen. The silhouette can be traditional but this king headboard would be anything but average.

Rustic Romance

You can make use of reclaimed doors to add visual weight to make your space dreamy. This even adds a hint of ruggedness. You can make use of the paint to complement the room’s bedding and chandelier.

Exotic Flair

Add an ethnic touch to you bedroom with the right texture to make your room nothing but a dreamy space. Fit it appropriately to match your king size bed and install it directly against the wall to create the perfect look.

Organic Element

Sometimes you need to make some unexpected addition to your room instead of something common. You can do that by adding a slab of rough wood which imparts a natural touch to your bedroom.

Follow these creative king headboard ideas to brighten up your bedroom.