Thursday , December 13 2018
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Creative bathroom makeovers – bathroom makeovers before and after

From sculptural tubs and statement mirrors to outdoor showers and bright hues, bathroom designs have come a long way. Look into these creative bathroom makeovers ideas for your pad.

  1. Shapely tiles

Skip the typical tile flooring for something that can offer your bathroom more heft. You can include warm and rich looks blended with cabinetry and crisp white walls.

  1. Organic accents

You can personalize your space with addition of organic texture and color. You can blend this with porcelain and ceramic surfaces. Don’t forget to add fringed towels, kilim style rug, a woven basket and carved wood stools for a rich feel.

  1. Sculptural tub

If you wish to creative a luxurious soak for yourself then consider including a sculptural and sleek bath. The organic colors don’t just please the eye but a raised back would make your soak much comfortable for you.

  1. Wood look shiplap

You can give your bathroom a beach inspired look. You can include poplar wood shiplap lining on the walls and ceilings. You can Corian fabricate the area around the shower to blend well with the walls and the ceilings.  Follow this creative idea of bathroom makeover for a unique concept.

  1. Herringbone tile floor

Instead of wood floors you can make use of herringbone tile floor in your bath if you have a strict budget to maintain. These are less costly than wooden floors and offer a woody appearance without messing with the budget set for the bathroom makeover.