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Create your own chair slipcovers

Create your own chair slipcovers

Chair slipcovers are rather important design product as well as having a protective purpose. It is much easier to change slipcover than a whole chair. Slipcovers are even more important if you have chair with cloth as a sitting. If it gets dirty changing it will be expensive, while changing slipcover is much easier and cheaper option.

Chair slipcovers are rather easy to create on your own if you are handy with knitting or crocheting. You need to measure the dimensions of your chair, select a cloth material (preferably something durable and easy to wash and iron), ribbons and a sewing machine.

You will need to cut material according to the design you select, create the ribbons to tie the slipcovers to the chairs. Internet suggests lots of ideas for chair slipcovers to sew on your own.

The colors of the slipcovers can fit well with dominant colors of the room chairs stand in, or you can choose contrasting color. Chair slipcovers can also bring festive mood to the home, with Christmas colors or shapes, or any other holiday.

Some easy ideas for slipcovers include using old pillowcases, t-shirts, sheets (preferably from satin or linen), cushions that can be renewed by the covers and so on.

Creating your own chair slipcovers can be a fun activity, you can include your children in finding the right idea, cutting out the decorations that you will put on the slipcovers, pinning the ribbons and other steps. Altogether it will let you choose the style and design you like and proudly show off your artwork.

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