Thursday , January 17 2019
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Blackout curtains for bedroom windows, the new green!

As the name suggests, blackout curtains are curtains with the light blocking ability. Made up of thick fabrics like silk or chenille, they can actually block about 90% of the light that ordinarily flows through a window. Found mostly in hotel rooms, these curtains have now gained much popularity among the home furnishings and appear  on the top list of all interior designers.

If you are doing up your room and are looking for some great curtains, then you have to consider blackout curtains, simply for the awesome benefits that they offer. To start with, majorly they prove to be a blessing for the day sleepers, or babies, or shift workers, as  they  help them get the desired rest during the day by blocking all that light.

Secondly, the blackout curtains are able to block out 40% of the outside noise. Now this can be incredible to maintain that peace and quiet during the afternoon naps. Also, it can be assumed that they also block the noise from inside to an extent to travel out, which gives that added privacy while living in close structures. And lastly, and the most significant of all, is the energy saving ability of blackout curtains. They can actually help you save up to 25% on your electricity bills as they help to keep the heat in the room during winters, while reflecting the heat out during those scavenging summers!

Available in umpteen colors and patterns, they reckon to be the best purchase for your homes!