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Best house design ideas in 2018

Best house design ideas in 2018

Home is the place where we work and relax. It’s the place where we make parties, have fun, dance, and exercise. It’s our own territory where we can make whatever we want. What about personalizing this place? How to make our home the place where everyone says “wow, such a great design”? This article will provide you with the best house design ideas of 2018.

  1. Comfy sectionals

Let your guests relax. Don’t save money on your lounge zone. Forget about small sofas. Buy some big sectional padded ones.

  1. A deep blue color

An interesting saturated blue shade is the trendiest color of 2016. It reminds people about the sea, helping them to relax from everyday routine. Richness and drama – these are the characteristics the design obtains from the blue color in your design.

  1. Combination of old and modern décor elements

If there is an old antique table in your dining room, balance the atmosphere by placing a few contemporary chairs beside it. Thus, you’ll emphasize the nicest qualities of these things.

  1. Black window sashes

Windows with black trim is one the best house design ideas of 2018. Dark colors bring attention to the windows, making people notice other details – the color of the walls around and the beauty of trees outside.

  1. Vintage tubs

You may see many vintage-style tubs in bedrooms. Imagine how you get up in the morning and roll into a deep tub.

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