Thursday , December 13 2018
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bar counter design for home is equally important to display the food

For any restaurant Bar Counter is important to display the food. It is the key source to entice the food lovers because the food is displayed and the foodies can decide their way of food types to eat. Almost in every restaurant there are three types of food zone and the restaurant creates their focal points on it. These three food zones are grab and go counter for bakery, refined antipasti bar, means an appetizer course before meal like olives, anchovies and salami etc. The third one is pub carvery in the bar. The whole atmosphere brings aesthetic feelings. The restaurant has separate theme for every food dish of the bar. The pattern and the materials that are used in the bar show the appropriateness of the bar. There is an exposed and concrete style lies in the bar, the walls are plaster coated and the colour has been chosen appropriate for the bar. Variety of metals is used to make it beautiful and sturdy.

Decoration of the bar

In some restaurant Cedar block are stacked at the top for giving it a show of plant bed. The front side of the bar gives a century old look. For this creation cement plates are used. The bourgeois decoration is contradicted with white confectionary chairs. In some original bars you may find the contrast of styles. This outlook is the result of conservation of the early bar. This appearance is given to give it an identity. But this Bar Counter is a modern pub so the walls are decorated with parametric designs.