Thursday , December 13 2018
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Affordable simple kids room decorating ideas

With a lot of creativity and little money, you can easily transform your kid’s room into something much more magical with these creative kids’ room ideas.

  1. Create Mini Art Galleries

You can decorate your walls with popping wall decors. You can celebrate all kinds of styles of art without having to shell out a fortune with this kid’s room idea.

  1. Use patterns to accessorize

You can add flair to your kid’s room with the use of patterned accessories. Bring your kids room to life with the addition of vibrant and colorful pillows. You can complement the pillows with floral rug to create a cheerful space for your kids.

  1. Collect pieces over time

Instead of purchasing a matching furniture set, you can make use of individual spaces accumulated over time. This is an excellent way to save while designing your kids room. This kid’s room idea imparts an eclectic and colorful look to the room.

  1. Craft the minute details with hand

You can craft or print your own graphics which can be framed into the room and would add a special touch to the playroom.

  1. Design your own bed

You can craft your own headboard with accessible materials such as foam, fiber board, staple gun and fabric glue.

  1. Get creative with paint

Instead of painting the wall in one color behind the crib, you can get creative with paint and go for three or four colors for a cheery look. Vertical or horizontal stripes impart a dramatic effect to the room.