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A good small bedside table with drawers should be as luxurious as your bed

A small table or cabinet placed beside a bed is called a bedside table. It can serve as a night stand or a coffee table used at night right next to the bed. Bedside tables are modern nightstands usually with one or more drawers or one drawer and a small storage space enclosed with a small door. Practical items needed at night are kept on these tables on your bedside like an alarm clock, a reading lamp, mobile phone, a book or a flask of water.

These bedside tables are often extensions of the bed with the same design as the bed though they are not attached to the bed. There are various different styles and you can go for one that matches your bedroom furniture and make sure the height of the table should be such that it can be reached comfortably from the bed.

These bedside tables are like treasures because of the amount of things you can stack in them or on the table. It could be the basic medicine with a glass of water to midnight snacks or a notepad in case you remember to write something while in bed.

In fact you can store all the bedtime necessities in them so that they are within your reach and you need not get out of your cozy bed in case you need something. These tables are usually made of wood or MDF but most of them have a glass or marble top to prevent staining the wood with rings of water from a glass. Thus a good bedside table should be functional and elegant and classy as well.